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    Lost Collective is a project by Brett Patman.

    The project's key focus is documenting the essential roles that people and places played in shaping the communities who collectively make up the identity of our societies, engaging everyday people through evocative imagery to reconnect with past lives and even former friends.
    It encourages people to share stories that would otherwise be forgotten as societies progress and generations age.
    Every location has a story of its past, its present state and in some cases, a plan for the future, from rural country towns to vibrant inner-city suburbs, derelict power stations and heavy industry to the tiny farmstead. All these buildings had significance in one way or another. Finding this from the words of the people who made so is what Lost Collective is all about.
    Societies change, and abandoned buildings come and go, but it's important to remember and record our heritage amongst the ever-increasing rush to replace the old with the new. We only get one chance to do this.

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    It is a visual and written record of the forgotten and neglected built environments that pervade society.